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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City (Blu-ray)

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City (Blu-ray)

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City  (Blu-ray)
In April 2007, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds embarked on a 3-city theatre tour, culminating with a performance in the intimate confines of Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Due to the smaller sized venues and extremely limited number of dates, tickets were practically impossible to get, making this new 2 disc Blu-ray set all the more desirable to the huge Dave Matthews Band fanbase. LIVE AT RADIO CITY marks the first time in almost ten years that Dave and Tim have released an album. 
Their last album was the wildly successful, multi-platinum LIVE AT LUTHER COLLEGE. This is the first-ever Blu-ray Disc released by the duo. LIVE AT RADIO CITY features over 2 1/2 hours of music, capturing all 26 songs of Dave and Tim's performance. The performance includes numerous songs that have never been recorded by the two, including Crush, Grace Is Gone, Don t Drink The Water, Gravedigger and many more. 
  • Жанр: Classic Rock
  • Продолжительность: 2:49:02
  • Год выпуска: 2007
Track list:
01 - Bartender
02 - When the World Ends
03 - Stay or Leave
04 - Save Me
05 - Crush
06 - So Damn Lucky
07 - Gravedigger
08 - The Maker
09 - Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
10 - Eh Hee
11 - Betrayal
12 - Out of My Hands
13 - Still Water
14 - Don't Drink the Water
15 - Oh
16 - Corn Bread
17 - Crash Into Me
18 - Down by the River
19 - You Are My Sanity
20 - Sister
21 - Lie in Our Graves
22 - Some Devil
23 - Grace Is Gone
24 - Dancing Nancies
25 - #41
26 - Two Stop

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